Catherine has been my family’s energy healer for the last 9 years. She is an awesome, compassionate, gifted, hard-working spirit with her feet planted firmly on the ground. She has helped me, my husband, my mother-in-law, my dog, and my 4 cats to heal in countless situations. My mother-in-law had a severe stroke 5 years ago. Mom lives in Taiwan, we live in Texas so Catherine had to work with her remotely. She worked intensively with Mom for months after the stroke and 5 years later still continues weekly to help keep her strong. Mom’s reaction when we told her that Catherine was working on her remotely- “please tell her to keep it up”! Mom made a great recovery–at 85 she’s still going strong in huge part due to Catherine’s great work.

We do not practice western medicine so we depend on Catherine and her recommendations to help us heal naturally. She picks up imbalances and disease processes in our bodies and uses her highly developed toolbox to find ways to heal them. She recommends whatever food or supplements we need to ensure the healing process. Working remotely with our non-humans, she has picked up infections, parasites, dehydration as well as more subtle issues. She is always spot on. Catherine has enhanced our lives in ways that cannot be described. She is a special person and we are grateful that she has been put in our path.

Amy B.

I have known Catherine professionally for about 15 years. In that time, I have had a number of Body Talk sessions and, even though she was effective from the start of her profession, I have seen her progress over the years to become the amazing, extremely profound and effective professional that she is today. Along with her natural, empathic talent, Catherine has, to my knowledge and experience, never been wrong in her assessment of her client’s situation and the subsequent solution. Whether that solution be a balancing that she initiates or a revelation of what the client needs to do for further improvement, Catherine has always been “spot-on.”

When I refer clients or acquaintances to Catherine, they invariably come away with “Wow” as their parting thought… as I did, again, just a few weeks ago. As far as Energy Healing is concerned, I know Catherine has been the most dedicated student I can imagine and I believe she is, without a doubt, one of the best, if not the best there is in this discipline. This may be because Catherine’s talents go far beyond the protocols of Body Talk, bringing to her clients an understanding and healing beyond anything I have seen before. Do not miss an opportunity to experience what Catherine can help you to understand. Understanding, in all aspects of our lives, is the precursor to healing.

-Jerry Fried ( Body Worker since 1989 )